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Local, independent Coldstream Games launches new board game

Local board game launches

Katherine Fehr and her husband, Randy, decided it was finally time to live their dream. Games have always been a passion for the pair. One of their earliest memories as a couple was building their own board game that they enjoyed with friends and family for years.

“We thought making board games was fun,” Katherine says, “but had no idea that being an independent board game company could become a reality.”

Recently inspired by Kelowna’s High Roller Games, Katherine and Randy decided to take their love of board games to the next level and established Coldstream Games. They released their first game—The Heist-The Museum of Fine Art—in August.

The Heist is a co-operative game, where one player takes the role of the thief and the other players work together as the museum staff. Throughout the course of the game, the staff works together to try and catch the thief before they can escape with the museum’s priceless art collection.

“The museum staff players use deductive reasoning and teamwork in order to corner the thief before they can get out of the museum,” Katherine says. “And the thief will need to use clever strategy to avoid getting caught as they sneak invisibly through the museum disabling security cameras and stealing art.”

One aspect of The Heist that makes it stand out is the variety of the characters. Okanagan artist Sam Powell helped bring to life characters who are diverse in age, gender identity and ethnicity.

“We want to represent the diversity of our community,” Katherine says.

The company’s second game, Steamrolled, a game of chance with a steampunk flair, will be available later this month.

“It’s an easy to learn dice game for all ages,” Katherine says. “And it’s a great way to introduce young gamers to simple strategy.”

Coldstream Games is a passion project at the moment, but the Fehrs have big plans.

“I am happiest when working on creative projects,” Katherine says. “We both enjoy every aspect of developing a new board game, from concept to art to production. It’s very exciting to see our games being played and enjoyed by others.”

There are limited quantities of the first edition for The Heist, which is currently available for purchase through the company’s website, at Vernon’s Boarding House Cafe, at Loadza Toyz in Kelowna’s Orchard Park Shopping Centre and at Penticton’s Meeples and Milkshakes. The game can also be found at local game cafes Sanctuary Games in Salmon Arm and West Kelowna’s Orchard City Games.

Coldstream Games has three more games in a variety of testing phases and a drawer full of ideas that have rolled around in their heads over the last three decades.

“We’re really excited to see our passion come to life,” Katherine says, “and bring our love of board games to other people.”

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