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Business broker Rob Raybould can sell your business confidently

Sell a business confidently

There is a misconception that business brokers are nothing more than vultures, circling flailing businesses that have been struck down by the COVID-19 pandemic.

That is not what Rob Raybould is about. The Okanagan professional is both a business broker and commercial Realtor for Business Finders Canada and takes pride in helping business owners successfully pass on their legacy to the next generation of entrepreneur.

Recent comments received on social media have highlighted that not everyone understands and is familiar with the services and benefits of a business broker in the business world.

Most of Raybould’s current sellers, in fact, are looking to retire or were thinking of selling before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Currently there are many more potential buyers than sellers out there, which still makes selling a business a potentially lucrative endeavour. Raybould has experience in both real estate and marketing, and one of his passions is helping a business to improve its value through guidelines he uses for his own enterprise. Those tips include maintaining clean books, implementing automated processes and creating an online presence.

And anyone looking to sell their business can rest assured that Raybould is a one-stop shop when it comes to completing that mission.

"I am able to blend the experience of business transactions of a business broker with the licence and professional code of conduct of a real estate agent in order to provide a truly full service," Raybould says. "Due to the Real Estate Service Act, a licence is required to assist the customer in negotiating either a lease or real property sale, which most businesses have. So a typical business broker can  help negotiate you in or out of a business, but they have to stop and let the lawyers take over with any negotiation of leases or real estate sales.”

In other words, Raybould has the experience required to take you through the entire process from beginning to end, confidently and confidentially.

Raybould offers several professional services, including business valuation, negotiation and marketing, and can save you time and money by locating pre-qualified buyers and taking care of external requirements that will allow you to give your business the attention it deserves and requires.

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