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Fresh Dental Hygiene makes teeth cleaning a relaxing experience

Clean teeth without a dentist

Let’s face it: Having your teeth cleaned can be an anxious affair.

The scents. The sounds. The clinical atmosphere.

It’s not exactly comforting.

That’s why Joanna Bernath created Fresh Dental Hygiene, a Kelowna business that makes its clients feel welcomed and relaxed while receiving their dental hygiene care.

Bernath received her education in Ontario and upon moving to B.C. upgraded her licence from registered dental hygienist to dental hygiene practitioner, which allows her to own and operate a private dental hygiene practice without dentist supervision. They follow the B.C. Dental Hygienists’ Association fee guide, which is more affordable than traditional dental practices.

“Our space is very calming. We cater to people who are anxious about dental experiences and to those who value extra time and attention,” Bernath says. “When you come in there is no drilling, no filling. Our focus is on prevention.”

Bernath says she hears repeatedly from her clients that they have never felt more comfortable during their dental hygiene care. Adding to the comfort is Fresh Dental Hygiene’s mission to build and maintain trusting relationships between hygienist and patient.

“We provide a high standard of care catered to each individual, taking into account their oral health status, beliefs and values. There is continuity of care,” Bernath says. “When patients come back they know they’re going to see the same hygienist who is familiar with their health needs.”

Fresh Dental Hygiene’s services include dental hygiene therapy, teeth whitening, radiographs and oral cancer screenings as well as providing referrals to local dentists and other health professionals if needed. 

“We go out of our way to make people comfortable,” Bernath says.“We attract a clientele who value their oral health and overall wellness, and we strive to help our clients achieve their goals.”

Fresh Dental Hygiene doesn’t only take care of pearly whites; it is partnered with a registered massage therapist and myofunctional therapist in their office to add to its overall wellness mission. 

Bernath hopes to soon integrate a dentist into her practice to expand the services her clients can access, but the calm and soothing atmosphere at Fresh Dental Hygiene will never change.

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