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Pfanner face shields, which protect comfortably, available in Valley

Face shields are safe, comfy

Doctors recommend face masks as one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, some people, like doctors themselves, add a face shield to their personal protective equipment garments, as do people who have trouble breathing through a face mask. Face shields are also much better than face masks that are worn improperly.

An Okanagan company is the Canadian distributor what it feels is the best face shield on the national market. Savoy Equipment, which has locations in Kelowna and Vernon, became the distributor for Pfanner and Protos products years ago, and now it has added Pfanner’s face shields to its inventory.

“They make the highest quality, most innovative products in the world,” Pfanner Canada operations manager Ally Turner says of the Austrian company. “The few people that have them have given us really good feedback. We just want to let people know in the community that we have these if they’re looking for an alternative to face masks.”

What makes Pfanner face shields stand out is the fact they attach to hats and not heads. Most face shields become uncomfortable quite quickly because they wear on pressure points. Pfanner’s face shields, which are made of polycarbonate, attach to either a hat or visor and are therefore much more comfortable.

“Most other products on the market right now use an uncomfortable strap system that may aggravate the skin or pressure points, and many of them do not have the option to adjust the position of the shield,” Turner says. “We believe that Pfanner’s design provides superior comfort and functionality.”

While the exact science behind the effectiveness of face shields is still relatively unknown, there are some promising studies that suggest a positive impact. For example, a 2014 simulation study found that a face shield reduced the wearer’s exposure to the flu or virus by 96% at a distance of 18 inches from someone who was coughing.

Face shields are good for the service industry, because they show facial expressions, and Pfanner’s devices don’t make the user feel as claustrophobic as some of the ones that rest closer to the user’s face.

Pfanner face shields can be purchased at Savoy Equipment in Kelowna and Vernon or online at pfannercanada.ca. It retails at $39.99, but a bulk discount of 25% is available when purchasing five or more units. Anyone with commercial inquiries can contact Turner at [email protected].

“It’s great for people who are looking for additional protection, and it’s great for people who just cannot handle the mask but want to do something,” Turner says.

“We are excited to be providing an additional option for people to keep themselves and those around them safe, but PPE is only a small part of the solution. We also encourage members of the community to take every other precaution they can, as recommended by our local health authorities.”

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