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Win $112M from Canada

The current €90.6 ($112M US) Powerball jackpot and €62 ($76M US) Mega Millions jackpot in the United States are impressive, but what if you could win these huge prizes from Canada?

In the past, it was impossible to win some of the world’s biggest draws because you had to fly to the country where tickets are sold to participate. Now, instead of traveling abroad, you can bet on the draw with Jackpot.com.

If you pick the winning numbers you’ll still walk away with the jackpot, and so so from the comfort of your home.

While dreaming about who would win these U.S. lotteries and scoop up €152.6 ($188M US), we at Jackpot.com became curious about some of history’s biggest jackpot winners.

Here are several stories of the lucky winners.

The biggest Powerball win was $1.6B, and was split between three lucky people, who each walked away with $528M US.

Marvin and Mae Acosta from California declined all media interviews and took their portion quietly. The second winner was The Nickel 95 Trust, claimed by Maureen Smith (trustee) in Florida.

The third and final winners were Lisa and John Robinson from Tennessee. They enjoyed going to The Today Show for an on-air interview after their win.

The biggest Powerball winner won $758.7M and was lucky enough to be the only person holding the winner’s numbers.

The title of biggest winner went to Mavis L. Wanczyk. Wanczyk is from Massachusetts and was overwhelmed by her win. According to her statement, the first thing she did upon discovering her new-found fortune was quit her job.

The other popular American lottery, The Mega Millions, cannot be overlooked either. Merle and Patricia Butler of Illinois split $656M with three teachers who called themselves The Three Amigos.

None of The Three Amigos came forward publicly, but the Butler’s stated they would “do some real good” with their winnings and hire financial planners.

Each winner’s story is so unique that we can’t help but wonder what the next big winner story will be.

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