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The thousand-sale gift

When Vantage West Realty helped its 1,000th buyer find a home this month, it was a big milestone for the firm, and one they wanted to mark with an appropriate celebration.

Initially, owner AJ Hazzi says he planned to mark the occasion by handing the client, Riley Weller, a check--but somehow the gesture didn’t seem quite right.

“My initial thought was to hand our client a cheque for being buyer 1,000, and after I raised the idea to the team, it evolved into doing something that has the potential to impact more lives,” Hazzi explained.

The firm decided instead to give back to the community, and make a donation in Weller’s name to a local charity.

When Vantage West approached him with their idea, Weller knew immediately where he wanted to money to go.

Weller’s mother lives with multiple sclerosis, and the electrician says he couldn’t think of a better way to use the donation than to support the MS Society of Canada.

Multiple sclerosis is a cause close to the hearts of many at Vantage West as well, so the team was thrilled with Weller’s choice.

“This particular cause is near and dear to our hearts,” Hazzi said.

Christina Rossi, the firm’s administrative assistant, recently lost her own mother to the disease, after the woman battled secondary progressive multiple sclerosis for 10 years.

“MS is a terrible illness that does not have a cure at this time. Hopefully with more awareness, this can lead to a cure in the future. The MS Society is such a supportive and generous organization. They are always striving to help patients with MS win the fight,” Rossi said.

Nick Hazzi, the realtor who sold Weller his new home, says the man’s decision also hit him hard, because he knows how difficult the disease can be on a family.

“It’s all too close to home, as a few people close in my world have also had to deal with the challenges of MS. However, I’m super happy that we are able to contribute to such a great cause,” he said.

Weller says having a family member MS has really helped him open his eyes “and appreciate this life.”

“Every day now, I strive to build genuine relationships and make the most out of my life,” he said.

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