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New corporate travel trend

As the air grows crisper and the end of the year looms, business owners are already beginning to contemplate how they will shuttle their staff around during the holiday party season.

Anyone who’s tried organizing transport to or from a party knows getting large groups of people from one place to another is often a logistical nightmare.

But many business owners have grown wise to the potential headaches, and those on the cutting edge are increasingly turning to a surprising place to alleviate them.

Motorcoaches have always been a staple for corporate clients, but with luxury coach companies beginning to step up their game, more and more are companies are going back to the bus.

Corinne Underwood is the director of business development at BlueStar Coachlines.

She says these days motorcoaches are so luxurious and well-equipped that terms like “bus” hardly even apply.

BlueStar’s coaches, for example, come chalked full of options like complimentary wifi, reclining seats, fully equipped entertainment systems and onboard washrooms.

She says these luxuries, combined with the convenience of getting a whole group of people to the same place together, are catching the eye of corporate clients who have shied away from coach travel in the past.

“We are the next generation of travel,” Underwood explains. “Our comfort and executive-style fleet of coaches are changing the way people think about getting around.”

On top of the comfort and convenience motorcoaches provide, Underwood says corporate clients appreciate companies that are familiar with, and fully appreciate, their specific needs.

“Often the corporate markets wants their transportation here and now; they’re on a tight schedule, they want to move a large volume of people, and they want it done without any logistical issues,” she explains.

Many have realized that organizing and paying for a swarm of taxis to move people around usually means more headaches, conflicts and expenses.

Underwood points out that BlueStar has a fleet of coaches--ranging from an-11 seat sprinter, through to a 27-seat executive class motorcoach, a 48-seat motorcoach, and more than 20 56-seat coaches--so it can handle groups of virtually any size.

BlueStar understands the needs of the corporate market, and paired with the local knowledge and professionalism of our uniformed drivers, it makes sense to me why we’re seeing corporate clients come back to coaches,” Underwood says.

For more information on motorcoaches, or for a closer look at BlueStar Coachline’s fleet, check out the company online.


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