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No more floor destruction

There are so many ways to ruin a floor.

Heavy machinery schlepped across a showroom will damage most surfaces; engine grease can gum up a garage floor; saline relentlessly eats away at pool walls and bottoms; the sun and rain can pick your deck to pieces.

Especially when they’re not properly protected, the floors in our homes, yards and businesses are basically at the mercy of anything they come into contact with.

Fluids like grease and water seep into porous concrete, while wood sucks them up like a sponge. This weakens the material and can lead to near-constant replacement.

Meanwhile, surfaces like vinyl can rip and tear, exposing the vulnerable sub-floor to even more destruction.

But a newly arrived company in Kelowna is doing everything it can to prevent that destruction.

Kelowna’s Shamus Arnold has just brought the nationally-recognized Okanagan Zone Garage into the city.

Through Okanagan Zone Garage, Arnold is decking out the city’s floors with a patented polyurea coating that he says can protect floors from the many horrors visited upon them.

The three-layer application sees two coats of watertight seal cover the floor, with a beautiful vinyl fleck layered in between. The end result is a visually appealing floor protected by a barrier against even the most persistent fluids, UV rays and other destruction.

“It’s one of those items that not only has a great aesthetic to it, but it serves a really strong purpose,” Arnold says.

Arnold says the waterproof protection not only makes cleaning up potentially dangerous fluids a quick and easy process, the seal can even keep bacteria from growing in the floor.

Already, Okanagan Zone Garage is getting interest from businesses as diverse as tattoo parlours, wineries, veterinary clinics and home garages.

He says they’re often woo'd by the fact that installation generally only takes a day, and that the product is guaranteed for decades.

“We can be in and out in a day, and you’re back to swimming or parking your car in your garage, or whatever,” Arnold says.

A major headache for many in the Okanagan is the destruction salt water can reap on their pools, and Arnold says his product is a perfect fix.

“Without having to rip everything out we can repair it and we can make it smooth and basically make it look like we put a granite coat on it when we’re done,” he says.

For more information, check out Okanagan Zone Garage online.

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