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$299,900 to live at The Rise

Things are really heating up at The Rise.

Last month, developer A.J. Hazzi brought the first phase of his Vista Villas development to the prime Vernon real estate, jolting to life an area that had sat more-or-less stagnant for years.

More than $4 million worth of villas sold during the first week, and all of the larger Phase 1 units are now sold out.

“Everybody’s been wondering what’s going on up there, so it’s great to see so much action,” Hazzi says. “It definitely shows there’s real demand in Vernon for this product.”

Now, thanks to last month’s success, Hazzi is preparing to bring even more Vista Villas homes to the market—and this time he’s offering them at a jaw-droppingly low price.

On Aug. 12, Hazzi says a batch of two-bedroom units will go on sale at Vista Villas for $299,900.

“It’s the lowest price point that’s ever been introduced at The Rise, but we’re not compromising on anything. The finishings are beautiful, the upper floors have a great view—these are just exceptional units,” he says.

Vista Villas is unique to the Rise because Hazzi has been allowed to do away with the Tuscan style that was forced upon original development.

Instead, Vista Villas homes feature the kind of sleek, modern design today’s home buyers seek.

“One of the exciting things about Vista Villas is it doesn’t fall under the design guidelines of the original development, so we get away with a modern, contemporary design, which is way more on trend for this decade,” Hazzi says.

Hazzi also points out that his homes make a great investment, because they’re zoned in a way that makes it completely legal to rent them out through vacation rental sites like Airbnb.

But getting your hands on one of the units might not be so easy.

Hazzi is holding a sales event at Vista Villas on Aug. 12, from noon to 5 p.m.

The entire sales team will be on site, answering questions, giving tours, and selling the homes to lucky new buyers.

“The rest of the units will sell out that weekend, so people should make sure they get there if they’re interested in these homes,” Hazzi says.

For a sneak peek at what the Vista Villas homes will look like, more information on the development, or for sales inquiries, check out the development online.

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