Can't I do this myself?

Some people, once they begin to understand the concept of the Money Merge Account, think they might actually be able to do this themselves, without having to pay the $3920 US for the software. If you are one of these people, you're not alone. However, before you jump to a hasty conclusion that may cost you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, please read the following information:

The Fastest Way to Zero Debt

The Money Merge Account program is far more than just software - it is a sophisticated system for maximizing every penny you make, 24/7, so you can be financially free. It's made for people who care about their money! As complex as it is on the "back end" it is designed to be extremely user friendly. It is easy for you to use your software - on your current home and debts and every single mortgage and debt you have in the future!

So, could you do this on your own? Maybe, even though your results will likely never come close to the guaranteed results of the Money Merge Account. More importantly, are you willing to do it on your own? Please answer the following 6 questions to yourself honestly:

1. - Are you currently tracking every single penny of your money, every single minute of every single day right now?

2. - Do you possess the mathematical skills to re figure all your
calculations every single time a variable changes - income, expenses, interest rates, an emergency arises, etc?

3. - Do you know exactly how to leverage one account against another -
exactly when and exactly how much money to transfer to make every penny count to cancel the maximum amount of interest?

4. - Are you willing to do this day in and day out - for the next 4 to 8 to 12 years?

5. - Who will help you if something goes wrong or you get confused?

6. - Are you willing to take the chance of losing tens of thousands of
dollars by trying to figure everything out on your own?

Obviously, we could all do many things on our own - grow our own food, build our own homes, figure out our own taxes, represent ourselves in court. All we need is the time, education, and discipline. But, is it really worth it?
Wouldn't you rather take advantage of a proven program that acts as your own personal financial GPS system?

The Money Merge Account software program is simply an invaluable tool:

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Maximizes your results - guaranteed.
  • Works for primary, investment and commercial mortgages.
  • Professional, unlimited, one-on-one customer and technical support.

    Consider the Facts

  • Consumer credit card debt had risen to $800+ billion in 2005.
  • Average households pay more than $800 per year in penalty fees and
    interest payments.
  • Fewer than three in 10 households have enough of a savings cushion
    to get them through three months of unemployment.
  • 95% of all homeowners know the benefits of a bi-weekly mortgage plan
    (which can shave off 6-8 years of mortgage payments) yet less than 5% are actually on one.
  • And most homeowners also know that they can dramatically reduce the
    term of their mortgage loans by making regular additional payments to principal, yet less than 1% actually do so consistently.

    The gap between knowing something and actually doing it can be deadly. Let's face it, most of us are busy, distracted, stressed - trying to do the best we can to balance our life, work and family, and have a bit of fun here and there. We simply don't have the time to spend pouring over our finances trying to account for every little fluctuation in an attempt to maximize our money. We work hard to get ahead, we spend, and we pray that it will all work out.

    But, maybe you're the exception. Maybe you do plan, you do budget, you do send in additional money to pay off your debts faster. Good for you! You're way ahead of the game. So, why not use a proven program guaranteed to dramatically improve on what you're already doing? Why re-invent the wheel?
    Many highly intelligent experts in their respective fields combined their talents and expertise and also invested 3 years and over $2.5 million in resources to create the Money Merge Account program...so you don't have to!

    Simply put...The Money Merge Account Program WORKS! It is guaranteed. There is virtually NO RISK to you. Since 2005, tens of thousands of homeowners have been using our service and we have an incredible record with the Better Business Bureau. What have you got to lose...except a lot of unnecessary mortgage and debt payments?

    Do you have a cell phone?

    You are probably NOT trying to figure out a way to design and build your own cell phone and network so you could save thousands of dollars over the next
    5 years. So why is this any different?

    You bought your cell phone and you use it almost every day, even though you may not know exactly how it works. The fact of the matter is...it works. If it does not work, you contact the cell phone company and get your money back or switch companies. Same here, if you use it properly and it does not work, you get your money back-guaranteed!

    Don't hesitate. Buy the Money Merge Account today and use it because it works. Then use it every month and instead of getting a bill every month like you do from your cell phone company, you will get to see the amazing amount of money you are saving for making the smart decision to utilize the Money Merge Account.

    Every day you wait to get started, you are costing yourself money that you would have been able to save. Stop sending your hard earned money to the bank. Start re-directing the money you would have paid in interest to something you want for yourself or your family. They deserve it. You deserve it! Don't wait. Contact the person who ran your Financial Analysis report and tell them you want to get started on the Money Merge Account right now!

    Congratulations on making perhaps the single smartest financial
    decision of your life! Welcome to the United First Financial Family! (Now take a few minutes to figure out what you will be spending your money on when you no longer have a mortgage payment and you are COMPLETELY DEBT

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