From bad comes good

Perspective is everything, in every situation.

Monday night, I had my running jacket stolen from an unlocked locker at the gym. Not the worst situation, as I have plenty of jackets. The stinger, however, was that my car keys were in the pocket, as well as my debit card. Add to that the realization that not only was my phone locked in my car, I didn’t have a second set of car keys.

Frustration, outrage, and self-recrimination boiled in my gut as I went to the front desk to report the theft. I was mad! I felt victimized, and helpless as well, and it wasn’t a good feeling. Was feeling pretty jaded and cynical about society in those moments, then, ironically, through this bad situation, a light began to shine.

The women at front desk immediately did a sweep of the gym in an effort to find the keys. One offered me the use of her vehicle support membership in order to get into my car to retrieve the phone. 

Within 1/2 hour, a tow truck showed up. The young driver turned out to be a cheerful character, and had us laughing at his stories during attempts to open my car. When the young woman tried to give him her membership card, he waved it off.

“You’ve been through enough,” he said. “This one’s on me. Thanks for the laughs.”

We both gaped in astonishment, then thanked him profusely. I still didn’t have keys to drive my car, but was able to call my son for a ride. On the way home, I began griping about the situation, and he looked at me and said,

“Stop talking about the problem, and start working on the solution, Mum.” I smiled and nodded. He was right, and obviously very well brought up as well.

The following morning, I woke to a beautiful sunny day. I called the Toyota dealership, and was assured that they could cut me a new key. It was a lovely walk to the dealership, while listening to music and revelling in the beauty of our city. Once arrived, Gary in the service department quickly cut me a key, then refused to accept payment.

“It’s on me,” he smiled.

Later, as I waited in line at the bank to get a new debit card, the young man in front of me turned and asked.

“How’s your day so far?”

I smiled, as I realized that although things had started badly the following evening, I had been privy to some shining examples of human kindness. My faith in humanity and its inherent goodness was restored, and without the bad, I wouldn’t have experienced all the good.

“It’s great thank you. I’ve just had the loveliest walk!” I answered, with a laugh.

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