Ya gotta laugh

There’s just no way to avoid it. Everyone gets older. It doesn’t matter if you exercise religiously, eat healthily, or drink moderately. Its gonna happen.

Currently I’ve been having reminders on a daily basis. Last week, I talked about forgetting my phone at my brother’s. (LINK) This week, I was running around getting ready to go to the gym. I ran downstairs to grab a towel and then BOOM! Can’t find my phone. I just had it! 

“Ahh”, I’ll call it I think to myself. I use my land line, and sure enough, I can hear my cell phone ringing. I walk into the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, but the ring doesn’t get louder. It doesn’t fade, either. 

What the??

It took me longer than I care to admit to realize it was in my pocket.

Then can’t find my sunglasses. I just had them! Oh well, I’m in a hurry, these will do. I get to my girlfriend’s house and she stares. “Nice look”, she deadpans. 

I recently attended a fancy dress event. I spent a great deal of time and effort on my hair, makeup, and outfit. My date called out from the living room that we had 10 minutes before leaving, so I turned back to the mirror for a last minute preening. 

And that’s when it struck, with the speed and stealth of a ninja. The mother of all hot flashes. Now ladies, we all know that short of a walk-in freezer, there’s no way to stop those suckers. 

I watched in dismay as my carefully coifed hair fell in damp ringlets around my face, and a series of dark sweat stains appeared on the front and back of my pale blue silk dress. I sighed as I viewed the damage, and moved back to my closet. “Pour yourself another glass of wine,” I called to my date. “We’re gonna be late.”

Have accepted the fact that I have to stop walking to sneeze and that it is necessary now to pluck both the top and bottom of my eyebrows. I have given up on ever again reading the proper dosage on the back of a pill bottle. 

However, there is one thing I know. A youthful appearance is not solely predicated on a tight creamy complexion or perky butt.  

I think our bodies become larger, softer, and more pliable to hold all the love, compassion and knowledge we’ve acquired over the years. The children, relationships, and experiences that make every wrinkle, dimple, and curve worthwhile.  

A positive outlook. An open heart. A mind open to new experiences, ideas, and cultures.  Making new friends, trying new foods. Learning new skills, or daring to try a new adventure. Above all, remembering to laugh. That is the key to remaining ageless.  

I’m heading off now, to try yoga. If I can find my keys.

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