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I do travel a lot. It took a lot of trial and error as well as a little research to finally get the whole “pack what you need” mentality into place. Here are a few tips to pack faster and travel better whether it’s a girl weekend away or an African safari!!

1.  No More Than 3 Pairs of Shoes! You rarely need more than three pairs of shoes per trip however you do need to choose wisely. For a business trip, a pair of flats, heels and runners. A beach vacation requires flip flops, sandals that are good for exploring and strappy heels for nights out. (Men substitute “strappy heel” for the masculine equivalent!) Only travel with comfortable shoes. Now is not the time to “break in” those gorgeous new Ferragamo’s! Pack the shoes on the bottom of the suitcase in a shoe bag which will keep the rest of your clothes safe from debris. Ideally you should wear your bulkiest pair of shoes to travel … as long as they are easy to slip off and on! Examples of the 3 Pair Rule!

2.  A good carry-on has the necessities, electronics, toiletries and essentials packed in the correct order. There are some great bags on the market now that have two compartments. A lower one that can carry up to three pairs of shoes and an upper compartment that carries “the rest”. Try to group your carry on items in categories and then pack each of these in separate pouches so they are easier to find. Chargers and electronics in one, toiletries in another, snacks and goodies in another …. Follow the idea? Obviously the items that you will require between home and the airport should be packed last for easy access … identification, boarding passes and your phone! Sia Sole Tote

3.  I’m a big proponent of the “rolling method” of packing. Pack shoes first and then fill in the gaps. Your goal: create a level surface. Rolling clothes – dresses, pants even jeans maximizes space. Bring a “wet bag” for packing bathing suits, gym gear, dirty laundry and roll the bag. How to Roll Video

4.  To Go Toiletry Bag. Forget trying to squeeze your favorite shampoo, cleanser or moisturizers into tiny bottles. Buying travel-size items of your favorite products – and laundry detergent – and keeping them at the ready in a Ziploc bag under your sink may seem indulgent at first but it will save time, frustration and product in the long run!

5.  Bling – only pack what you are willing to lose. Cheap fun sparkly costume jewellery dresses up anything.

6.  Pack items that can double duty. A pair of tights can be casual or dressy when paired with a sequin top. A dress can double as a cover up or cute casual night on the town!

7.  Charge It! Charge all electronics before getting to the airport. Laptops, phones, cameras, etc. This way if the flight is delayed, you don’t have to “stalk” the outlets!!

Organizing and pre-planning is all part of packing efficiently. Make a list. When marking your suitcases with your contact info be sure to include your email address as well as your mailing address. Happy travels!!

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