The Happiness Connection  

Life is fragile; treasure it

I marvel at how a chance meeting can lead to a magical connection with another person.

Five or six years ago, I was asked to participate in a fashion show to raise money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Outfits were chosen and I was given the details of when and where to go to have my hair done on the morning of the event.

My hair is coarse and extremely thick. Not just anyone can deal with it. A stylist in Victoria once told me I was a hairdresser’s worst nightmare.

When I got to the salon, a young woman led me to a chair and introduced herself. I told her she could do whatever she wanted, but that my hair was a challenge.

She smiled and then proceeded to create an amazing edgy updo that stayed in place until I went to bed that night. I was both amazed and in love. I knew this would be the first of many times she would do my hair.

This chance meeting brought me not only a great style for a day, but a stylist I considered to be a friend even though we didn’t socialize outside my appointments.

When she left the salon in Kelowna to work from her home in Lake Country, I followed her. I used to tease her that she could never move away or stop working to have children. If necessary, I’d hold the baby while she did my hair.

Before long, she became a family favourite. She cut my son’s hair when he lived here, and I made an appointment for my daughter every time she visited, including when she got married.

At my last appointment, she told me she was changing venues and going to rent a chair at a salon nearby. I had a rough idea of where it was, but she assured me I’d get the address closer to the time.

My appointment was this week. I got my reminder, but it didn’t include details of the new location. Not to worry, I thought I knew where I was going.

When I arrived, I asked if I was in the right place. The lady I spoke to explained that they had been excited for this talented stylist to join them, but unfortunately, she had passed away.

Even now that I’ve had time to process those words, it doesn’t seem possible. This woman was healthy, vibrant, and only 33.

Life is fragile.

You never know when an amazing person is going to enter your life. But it’s equally true that you don’t know when someone may be severed from it.

I suspect you know that. I do and yet this event still took me by surprise. It’s reminded me not to take life or the people in it for granted.

You may not be able to spend this holiday in the same physical space as all your family and friends, but you can still find time to reach out and let them know how much you love and appreciate them.

Rather than rushing through your days, slow down and notice the people and experiences you come in contact with. Soak them in and remember that life is both precious and unpredictable.

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Reen Rose is an experienced, informative, and engaging speaker, author, and educator. She has worked for over three decades in the world of education, teaching children and adults in Canada and England.

Research shows that happy people are better leaders, more successful, and healthier than their unhappy counterparts, and yet so many people still believe that happiness is a result of their circumstances.

Happiness is a choice. Reen’s presentations and workshops are designed to help you become robustly happy. This is her term for happiness that can withstand challenge and change.

Reen blends research-based expertise, storytelling, humour, and practical strategies to both inform and inspire. She is a Myers Briggs certified practitioner, a Microsoft Office certified trainer and a qualified and experienced teacher.

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