Don't stop dreaming!

On Wednesday evening I drove through the Bow Valley in Alberta. It is my old home town... the first place Jackie and I moved to in 1988 when we emigrated. We ended up setting up home there and living there for almost 15 years.
After a very wintry drive from BC I passed the Park Gates and on my left was the small hamlet of Harvie Heights. I peered through the darkness to see if I could locate the cottage Jackie and I rented from a lovely couple when we first arrived.
Rundle Ridge Chalets was a small chalet rental village on the side of the Trans Canada highway. Jim and Bea Cocking, the managers welcomed Jackie and I with open arms as a young 25 year old couple including quite a large bump and a lively young Labrador.
Jackie was five months pregnant and we needed to settle in. On this Wednesday evening, the weather was pretty much the same as it was when we arrived. Snow and ice crystals hanging in the air, a starry evening cloaking the silhouette of the majestic Rockies. We were (almost) in heaven!
Memories came flooding back of all the friendly people who we met and helped this young couple get a start in their life. The feeling of excitement as we embarked on a new journey together.
I am experiencing the same feelings as my young son and his wife put together their first business in Kelowna. Muninn’s Post at 575 Bernard Avenue will be North America’s first Viking themed bar. With a distinct norse twist and an appetite for community, discussion and board gaming (plus they have some great Ales lined up) served with some wonderful food. I am sure they will be successful. What is helping their success though is the generosity of people they are coming across who are finding them or offering them some great prices on equipment for their kitchen and restaurant. It is the same warm, Canadian generosity that made Jackie and me feel so welcome as new immigrants to Canada.
Last night I delivered one of the most important presentations of my life. The biggest adventure I have ever attempted is being shared with a crowd of entrepreneurs in Calgary. My business partner and adventure buddy, Andre Voskuil is here too to expand on the business opportunity we have been able to create with this amazing worlds first adventure.
The flying car project is “taking off” literally, the wheels are up, we are gaining altitude and in a matter of months will be undergoing flight training, physical and mental training and filming a multi part documentary series for global TV distribution. In fall of 2016 the plan is to land two flying cars at YLW and share with Kelowna an amazing victory and a brand new aviation world’s first record.

Did that young 25 year old immigrant, sitting in a tiny wooden cabin back in 1988 share that dream with his Golden Labrador and pregnant wife? No. I came over to Canada to be a ski bum. I wanted to climb and ski in the Rockies. But then, I have always been a dreamer.
Dreaming is good - don’t stop.

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