Canada is the country of choice for immigrants. Here's why

It only takes to read the newspaper headlines to know that we live in an unsettled world. There’s Brexit in Great Britain, labour strikes and immigration debates across Europe, and economic challenges in Latin America.

In addition to that, there are the messages about border walls and denied entries coming from the United States. It’s little wonder that Canada is becoming the country of choice for many immigrants.

Canada also announced that it wants to attract 350,000 immigrants a year by 2021. The country was built by immigrants and is firmly committed to the ideal that diversity and its people can make it stronger. However, Canada also needs more skilled workers to reach its full economic potential.

“Canada welcomes everyone regardless of race or religion,” says Rachel Gary, COO of Canada Direct. “The Canadian government wants brilliant minds and skilled workers to come here.”

Now is the time for people who always wanted to move to Canada. “More and more people want to become Canadian citizens,” Gary says. “North America has always had huge appeal to people from around the world, even Europeans. Now, with everything that’s happening in the States, more are turning to Canada.”

People see Canada as a place where they can thrive, live a happy life and meet their own potential.

However, it’s not enough to say that their country of origin is in political or economic turmoil. The Canadian immigration requirements are largely based on people’s desire and ability to contribute to the economy.

“When people come to us asking for information, we make sure they meet proper age and education requirements,” Gary says, explaining how Canada Direct helps their clients through the whole process from the first application to submitting documents for their permanent residency.

“There are things that the Canadian government asks of the potential immigrant. It works on a points system and we help people get the required number of points. For instance, everyone, even if they are native speakers, has to take an English proficiency test. We provide the course and help them prepare. We let them know which documents they need and how to bring them up to Canadian standards. If they are able to apply to multiple programs, we do hybrid applications.”

Do you want to find out if you meet Canada’s eligibility requirements? Canada Direct can help. Click here to start the process of immigrating to Canada today.

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