Kamloops cancer patients benefit from a ‘community of care’

Kamloops Cancer Connections is an Internet-based directory of more than 20 local organizations, which is continuing to grow.

It’s all about creating support for people going through cancer - before, during and after their diagnosis. It aims to address both physical well-being and mental health aspects of the rehabilitation process, by complementing the outstanding efforts of the oncology team at Royal Inland Hospital.

The group was started around three years ago by a few health care professionals who were already working with people living with cancer. Their patients continually expressed a desire for more treatment options and increased awareness, exposure and availability. The health care professionals wanted to know who, or where, best to refer a patient within the community when a patient’s needs exceeded a professional’s scope. Kamloops Cancer Connections evolved from both of these desires.

Now, there are around 20 members listed in the group, specializing in many different fields including massage therapy, physiotherapy, registered counselling, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, osteopathy, nutrition, support groups, exercise programs, certified garment fitters and much more as Kamloops Cancer Connections continues to grow.

This community of care offers an online cancer support centre without the actual need for a physical building. The online directory allows people to do a one-stop shop, see what’s available, and then visit the service or organization they feel can help them. Patients can ask specific questions to the members who are best equipped to answer and follow links to the members’ individual websites.

Reactions to date from users have been very positive, especially as the scope of care has steadily widened to offer services that patients may or may not have been initially aware of or thought were available in Kamloops.

The group’s mission is to shine a light on the best in care, while keeping patients comfortable and at home.

For more information, visit kamloopscancerconnections.ca. If you have a vested interest and/or advanced education in caring for those living with cancer and are interested in becoming a member of KCC, please contact:

Colette Swain, RMT at kamloopsmassagematters.ca - (250) 299-3636, or

Kelsey Grimm, Registered Counsellor at healingspaces.center[email protected].  

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