Generous donation helps families find a home

Good things can indeed happen by chance.

Just ask Rex Landis, procurement co-ordinator for Habitat for Humanity Kamloops.

Recently, Habitat for Humanity Kamloops, in conversation with the local OK Builders people, learned that the business was closing its operations in Kamloops and the Okanagan.

Landis inquired about the possibility of OK Builders donating some materials to Habitat Kamloops to sell at its ReStore.

Turns out the family-owned business was looking to liquidate all of its stock from its yards across the interior and was willing to donate a substantial amount of brick, mortar, drywall and other associated materials that had a retail worth of more than $2 million.

While Habitat Kamloops will use a portion of the growing donation in its construction efforts that will see them build three homes this year, then ramp up to a planned 67 more in 2020, the remainder of the materials will be sold to the public at a discount.

In total, the sale proceeds could amount to around $500,000 to $700,000, money Habitat Kamloops can put to good use building affordable housing for seniors, veterans and families throughout the service area.

“We are gearing up for a large number of builds, and this will help out,” says Landis, adding OK Builders’ donation is extremely generous.

“My initial reaction when they told me this is what they were prepared to do was one of shock, surprise, then elation,” Landis says.

“It was really overwhelming to be standing in the middle of a five-acre site looking at all the material and think about how best to make the most of this incredible gift and opportunity.”

Habitat for Humanity Kamloops has staff at the OK Builders yard in Vernon from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday to Friday. The public and contractors can expect discounts of around 60 per cent off retail prices.

On behalf of Habitat for Humanity Kamloops, Landis says a big thank you must go to OK Builders for their donation, and as well to other businesses and volunteers who assist Habitat Kamloops in providing affordable housing.

“Without their help, we wouldn’t be planning and doing the projects we have ahead of us,” he says. “We are planning five to 10 years in the future, with 30 to 60 builds a year.”

For more information about Habitat for Humanity Kamloops, visit habitatkamloops.com, or call 250-828-7867.

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