Shy dogs welcomed at Kamloops kennel

Pet owners can sometimes feel trapped when it comes to wanting to go on vacation, a weekend away, or even just a date night.

That’s because their dog is classified as “shy” and doesn’t easily interact with other dogs in a kennel setting.

As a result, the vacation plans get cancelled and the date nights are put off.

At TLC for Pets in Kamloops, the kennel’s philosophy on integrating dogs gives owners a sense of security knowing their “fur baby” is in good hands.

“We have a lot of patience with dogs that have a hard time being away from their owner,” says Tammy Osborne, who runs the kennel, which is a short drive from Aberdeen Mall. “I’ve always had the patience, for any animal, to figure out why they were scared, and how to be their friend.”

Often, normally playful dogs become introverts when placed in a kennel.

That’s when Tammy and her staff take the time to introduce the pet to a series of dogs booked into the kennel.

“About 95 per cent of the dogs we look after here, we know,” Osborne says. “So, we initially buddy them up with the type of dog their owner has told us best suits their personality.”

Then, as the shy dog begins to become more comfortable, and even playful, Osborne introduces them to others.

“Getting them outside with at least one other dog is key to having them open up a bit and feel better,” she says.

So is getting your dog used to a kennel environment beforehand.

That’s why TLC For Pets offers a free, overnight stay for new customers who want to see how their dog reacts to being away and in a kennel setting.

“Doggy daycare is one thing to try and acclimatize your dog, but they are better off having a one-nighter every so often,” Osborne says. “So, I tell dog owners to leave their pet with us and go have a date night. It will really help them out when it comes time to go on vacation and you board them for a couple of weeks.

“That way, the dog has a good time, and the owners do as well because they are not stressed about their dog.”

And it works as dogs that come in shy and undergo the TLC integration process eventually open up and enjoy their stay.

“That’s because we take the time to work with the dogs,” Osborne says. “Like I say, we’re in it for the dog to win it.”

For more information about how your pet can enjoy kennel stays at TLC for Pets, visit tlcpetresort.com, or call 250-377-8004.

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