Increased health care support paramount for Conservative candidate

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When Cathy McLeod knocks on the doors of constituents in her riding of Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo, the Conservative MP is hearing a recurring concern - funding for health care.

It’s one that strikes close to home for the former nurse and health care administrator who is proud to say the Conservative party has a clear and supportive plan to ensure higher levels of care for all Canadians if they form government after the coming October federal election.

“Our leader, Andrew Scheer, recently announced what is called the Health and Social Programs Guarantee, which is committed to increase funding to healthcare that includes mental health services and home care nursing,” says McLeod. “This is a vital component, along with a further commitment to address the shortage of doctors and nurses.”

“I’m a nurse by background and was involved in a lot of healthcare reform. I understand the challenges of attracting doctors and nurses,” she says. “When we were in government, we made some significant changes which included loan forgiveness for those who chose to work in a rural area, and we created extra spaces for those internationally trained doctors who wanted to come home to Canada. Certainly, I would say the current government hasn’t paid any real attention to these issues.”

McLeod adds the Conservatives would also review the process qualified health care workers must follow when coming to Canada to smooth the way for them to fully understand what academic upgrades they may require, before arriving here.

“We hear all of those stories about doctors coming to Canada from other countries and they end up driving taxis because their qualifications are not recognized,” she says. “Well, that situation is not fair to anyone. They need to know what is required to practice in Canada before they arrive here. That’s another area where the federal government can play a role.”

Another aspect to improving health services is to examine the most efficient and effective ways to use technology to deliver eHealth - the use of information and communications technologies in healthcare.

She adds it’s also vital to support an aging population, while at the same time planning for doctors and nurses who are retiring and are not being replaced at the same rate.

“I was pleased when Andrew Scheer, announced that a new Conservative government will invest $1.5 billion in its first term to purchase MRI machines and CT machines to replace aging equipment and add machines across the country,” says McLeod. “This investment will help our health care providers to deliver quality services with the most up-to-date technology, giving patients quicker access to reliable, potentially life-saving tests.”

“I know first hand what it’s like waiting for test results and I know the fear involved. This funding will shorten the wait and give patients and their families the answers they need. A Conservative government recognizes the challenges associated with delivering a strong, and efficient public healthcare system,” says McLeod.

For more information about Cathy McLeod and where she stands on the issues, visit online at cathymcleod.ca, or call 250-828-0512.

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