Celebrating 30 years of creating an inclusive Kamloops community

After 30 years of service to the community, Kamloops-based People in Motion’s logo may have changed slightly, but its core mission hasn’t.

“The people we are supporting with our services and programs have really changed over the years,” says executive director Debora DeLyzer. “Typically, if you look at our logo, there’s a person using a wheelchair in the front, and that’s because back then, most of our members were in chairs.

“Today, we deal with a variety of other diverse abilities”.

“We support people who are paraplegics, people with mental illness, anxiety, people who have suffered strokes and deal with epilepsy, those who are dyslexic and have autism, cerebral palsy, schizophrenia, people with dual diagnosis and more,” says Kari Rubel, Director of Education and Programs.

“And our mission is to get those with diverse abilities out there in the community, interacting with society. It’s about inclusion,” she adds.

To address that, People in Motion offers programs in basic cooking to life skills and fitness to summer camps.

People in Motion runs 14 education, fitness, recreation and social programs for those of all ages.  Basic Cooking classes and our Life Skills programs are very popular as they build self-confidence, independence, and social skills. Our Life Skills program has been recognized by TRU so we now have two classes to support our adult education.

“So, if you have a diverse ability, or more than one, that’s who we cater to.”

But programs require funding, and like so many similar community organizations that grew from a grassroots group, money can be quite scarce to keep things running.

People in Motion has 3 social enterprises. We are the agency supplying Disabled Parking Permits, we have an 18 seat Para-Transit Bus that we charter to the public when not in use for our programs and we rent a beautiful 10.2 acre Cedar Creek Camp on White Lake, Sorrento B.C. This camp is fully accessible and not only supports people with disabilities but is inclusive to the community. General donations from the public and business sector play a large role in the success of our programs.

“We are the only organization in our community that offers such an array of programs and services,” DeLyzer says. “But if we can’t get enough funding to keep things open and running, we simply have to turn people away. “There is nothing else out there for them.”

If you would like to know more about People in Motion, visit their website at peopleinmotion.org. And to donate towards their operations, click the “Get Involved” tab and scroll down to the “Donate” section, where you’ll find the ‘Canada Helps’ button to make a donation.

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