Update your space with Kamloops’ Home Reno Stars

Are you planning to put your house on the market in the fall? A fresh paint job, bathroom or kitchen update or floor replacement can add significant value.

Or maybe you are taking advantage of the Lower Mainland’s dipping housing prices and recently purchased a fix-or-upper.

Whatever your home reno situation, unless you have a very handy brother-in-law, you are likely going to need either a plumber, electrician, painter, flooring expert or other contractors to assist with the job.

You could start by asking friends and family for recommendations, but if no one in your circle has recently completed a reno, that could leave you with few options.

Enter Kamloops Matters’ Home Reno Stars. Here, we highlight the area’s top housing tradespeople, professionals and retailers, including flooring companies, carpeting companies, HVAC and AC companies as well as décor and supply shops.

The next time you are searching for home renovation pros in Kamloops, look no further than this handy directory. Happy renovating!

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