Experience dynamic Downtown Kamloops this summer

The Downtown Kamloops area is a thriving hub with an experience waiting for everyone. You can spend the day walking the tree-lined streets or enjoy a fun-filled night downtown. The area is a livable and workable neighbourhood that is filled with vibrant arts, culture and heritage, along with a diverse business district. With community events throughout the year and a friendly vibe, you can make a connection with locals and visitors alike.

Downtown Kamloops lies between the west side of Tenth Avenue and the east side of First Avenue, nestled between the Thompson River and the north side of Columbia Street. The shops and businesses that line these streets are filled with community-focussed owners who are excited to bring their expertise to each and every customer who visits.

With a wide variety of stores, you’ll be sure to find goods you love in Downtown Kamloops. Whether you’re looking for custom skateboarding and sports apparel and gear for your next competition or high-end recycled fashion to develop your signature look, there’s sure to be a store for you. And with just as many dining options, you can savour your day any way you want – by relaxing in an upscale casual restaurant or dropping by a local bakery for a traditional European cake.

But with so many options in the neighbourhood, where should you start your exploration? Kamloops Matters has partnered with the Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association to bring you a list of places set off on your journey. The neighbourhood is yours to explore, starting with Discover Downtown Kamloops.

There’s no limit to what you can discover! Kamloops is a growing hub for families, businesses and experiences. Drop by Downtown Kamloops – there’s something for everyone!


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