Top local finds for health, beauty, and wellness

In Kamloops, many of us enjoy an active lifestyle. Check out Riverside Park on any sunny day! Get out and be your best self: there are dog parks and people parks to discover.

And when it comes to advice on health, everyone seems to have an opinion. Your friends, acquaintances and family will have recommendations, or you can connect with local experts featured in the Kamloops Matters Health and Wellness program.

We have created this list to give you fast access to local sources. We have curated a group of the top health and wellness providers to help you uncover your most vital and energetic self. The list of Kamloops Health and Wellness Stars can be found here.

If you are located in the Kamloops area and need to source a nutritional coach, optician, stylist, or other resources, let this be your guide. There are special discounts and local-only giveaways to be found within. Like a great day and a sunny park in the ‘loops, it is yours to explore.

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