The price for living a dream

Living your dream comes at a cost. 

That is the lesson Patrick Dew of Vernon is learning.

Dew gets to travel the world and ski. He is on the world cup circuit as a member of Canada freestyle’s Nextgen slopestyle ski team.

Dew has surpassed even his expectations for the season. He has skied well enough to qualify for all seven World Cup competitions this season and has competed in three Nor-Am circuits and three big air competitions.

This season Dew has travelled three times to Europe, the U.S. a handful of times and even made the trip to New Zealand for one of the World Cup events.

"Being on the road all winter long means not a lot of time for rest and recovery," Dew says. "This meaning that all the little injuries that would normally go away with five or six days of rest, linger for a long time."

The little injuries Dew suffered at the start of the season, still linger today as he nears the end of the season.

Dew is learning to work through the physical and mental rigours of a competitive season. 

"The added travel is very mentally tiring," says Dew "Learning to cope with jet lag while you're training for a high-level contest has been a challenge."

Dew says he does his best to push through, but being tired makes training difficult at times, and it puts a "real damper" on your mindset. 

"It makes it really easy to get down on yourself about your skiing... I've learned a lot this season about maintaining my mental health and not only my physical health."

Dew has been rewarded for his efforts this season with some impressive finishes. 

"I took second place at the Calgary Nor-Am. I had a couple top 30 finishes at the World Cup level, and I finished in the top 10 at the Aspen Open."

Dew is currently in Austria but will be travelling to the Czech Republic for a big air competition. From there he travels to Italy for the final World Cup competition of the season before making his way to Quebec and then finally, after six weeks on the road, he'll head back home to Vernon. 

From there, Dew will rest for a few weeks before starting his spring/summer training.

Dew has learned to push past the mental and physical stresses associated with his dream but still struggles with the financial realities. 

"This busy season has been quite the expense," he says.

Dew entered a competition through TSN for a chance to win $25,000, which he says would help him balance out the costs from the season.

"I need every vote I can get between now and March 11 to make the dream of winning this contest come true."

Voters can vote daily, and every vote will get them entered to win a prize of $2,500 for themselves. 

The help is much appreciated.

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