Princeton teen survives deer attack

A Princeton teen survived a brief encounter with a deer while his mother believes it's time the municipality took action to rid the animals.

Brandon Ghiloni, 17, says he was jogging home along the KVR trail about midnight on the evening of April 7 when he heard a noise coming up from behind.

"I turned around and there was a big deer charging me. By the time I turned around it was about half a metre from me, "says Ghiloni in recalling the experience.

"I panicked, stepped on my toe and face-planted. It trampled on my back and stomped on my arm. When it stomped on my arm I yelled and it ran away."

Ghiloni says only one thought was going through his mind.

"Oh my God, a deer is attacking me."

He says he was fearful for his life for a brief moment while the deer was stomping on his back.

Ghiloni went to the hospital the next morning where it was determined he had a cracked rib and some tendon damage to his arm.

He says his spine is still sore nearly two weeks later.

He doesn't know why the deer attacked but speculates there may have been babies in the area when he ran past.

Tina Ghiloni, Brandon's mother, says deer attacks have become more commonplace in Princeton over the last few years and hopes the municipality follows through on a possible deer cull.

"I love the deer bit, at the same time, when they are becoming a threat to people, it's not a good thing. I know people and their dogs are being attacked," says Tina Ghiloni.

"Unfortunately it wouldn't be so bad if people weren't feeding them. They're not supposed to but people do feed them."

Ideally, she says it would be nice if the vicious deer could be singled out for removal.

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