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Frodo the dog is on the mend and enjoying life in the Shuswap

Back from the brink

Frodo has been given a new lease on life - and he is loving it.

To look at the before-and-after pictures of the loveable mutt, one would never guess they are the same dog.

In April, the severely matted dog was found wandering in the Sorrento area of the Shuswap.

However, an angel mercy took Frodo under her care and brought the wayward pooch back from the brink.

“He's doing great. Very happy guy,” said Donna Meads who operates A Rover Makeover.

With a 30-year history of dog grooming coupled with compassion for homing rescue dogs, Meads volunteered her services to help the pooch out after her daughter noticed a social media post by Amy Berry.

"This little guy's matting was so bad, his hair on his ears was ripping out by the roots and he has some sores that will have to heal," Meads said when Frodo first came to her.

Frodo has now become part of Meads' life and business.

“He comes to the shop with me daily and is content to be there,” she said. “He has separation anxiety pretty bad and cries when I'm out of his sight for even 10 minutes. We are working on that.”

Meads said Frodo's ears are still bald from where the matts were ripping his fur out.

“I'm pretty sure it will never grow back. The hair on his nose is growing back,” she said.

Frodo is settling in to his new life.

“He loves his walks, cuddling in bed, camping and paddleboarding,” Meads said.

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