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Shuswap Lake not expected to flood, peak anticipated next week

Lake not expected to flood

Shuswap Lake levels are not expected to cause widespread flooding.

"While the Shuswap remains on flood-watch status for potential minor flooding issues due to high river and lake levels, the Shuswap Emergency Program is not anticipating any structures to be threatened this season by widespread flooding of Shuswap Lake," the Columbia Shuswap Regional District said in a press release Friday.

With snowpacks dwindling, most of the major rivers in the region are seeing water levels decline or hold steady, the CSRD says.

"Shuswap Lake has experienced a steep rise in water levels over the past few weeks, due to higher-than-average temperatures increasing the rate of snow melt."

The lake is currently sitting at 348.403 metres above sea level.

"This remains below the mark that would trigger the installation of some infrastructure protection measures for flood-prone areas," the CSRD says.

"While water levels may increase slightly, it is expected that the lake level may peak next week and begin to slowly decline."

Last year, the lake didn't reach its high-water mark until early July.

The Shuswap Emergency Program is not anticipating any significant issues with river systems unless an unforeseen rainstorm brings heavy precipitation.

The current forecast calls for warmer and drier conditions, and May is trending to be the warmest and driest on record in the Shuswap.

Meanwhile, rivers and creeks continue to flow at high rates, and caution is urged around them.

Water flow rates can easily overwhelm even strong swimmers, the CSRD warns.

Boat operators are reminded increased debris in lakes due to spring runoff.

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