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New look, new life for neglected Sorrento-area dog

Makeover for matted dog

A severely matted dog has a new lease on life after being found wandering in the Sorrento area.

"This little guy's matting was so bad, his hair on his ears was ripping out by the roots and he has some sores that will have to heal," says groomer Donna Meads.

With a 30-year history of dog grooming coupled with compassion for homing rescue dogs, Meads volunteered her services to help the pooch out after her daughter noticed a social media post by Amy Berry.

Berry found the small dog in the Sorrento area April 21.

She immediately took the animal to the vet, who confirmed the un-neutered dog is about five years old, and not tattooed or microchipped.

"He needs food and water and desperately needs a groomer to shave his poor body," Berry posted.

That's when Meads, who owns A Rover Makeover, stepped in to help.

"I knew the dog likely wasn't a stray, I knew he probably had an owner," she says, explaining that while she was shaving him, she could feel he wasn't too skinny, leading her to believe the dog wasn't underfed.

In the days that followed, the dog's owner did come forward, but surrendered the animal to Meads after the women made mention the SPCA had been contacted.

"I can care for him," Meads says, "but I have to make sure him being at the shop isn't going to stress him out."

Meads is also making sure the little guy gets some needed medical attention.

"He is being neutered this Thursday, then he'll have his teeth looked at and we'll make sure his vaccinations are up to date," she says.

"I want to make sure he is healthy and ready to go to a new home if he is too stressed out being with me here at the shop," Meads says.

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