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Grandmother from Malakwa competes on Food Network's 'The Big Bake: Holiday'

Gramma Bear bakes big

A grandma from Malakwa had the time of her life on a Food Network baking show with $10,000 up for grabs.

Janet Letendre, owner of Gramma Bears Cakery, took her talents to the competition show The Big Bake: Holiday Season 2.

Her team, Triple Treats, consisted of her friend Karen Huntley and her cousin Chrissy Cummings, who are both bakers and cake decorators.

The episode was filmed in February in Toronto.

During the competition, teams were given five hours to design, bake and decorate a grand-scale cake creation based on a holiday theme.

In Letendre’s episode, titled At Home with Santa, their theme was ‘what would Santa and Ms. Claus do on their day off?’

Team Triple Treats created a hot tub party themed cake that stood taller than five feet.

Letendre describes the flavour as hot chocolate, with whipped caramel, butter-fried hazelnuts, topped with marshmallow icing and brushed with Irish cream.

Despite the stressful environment of being in a baking competition, Letendre says the team had an incredible time.

“There’s a lot of stress. Things don’t always go right and it’s not your kitchen, you have to just go with it,” says Letendre.

“You’re just laughing so hard the whole time, there’s nothing else you can do.”

At one point, host Eddie Jackson came over when Letendre said “it’s a hot tub party, and the judges are invited’ and then began dancing with the team.

Letendre also described the sweet moment her grandchild saw her on TV.

“My grandbaby is watching and says ‘grandma TV! Grandma TV!’ and suddenly it clicked for him, and I came over and said “do you recognize grandma on TV?” she recalled.

Letendre said her interest in baking piqued when she would help her mother bake as a child.

“My mom was blind, and at the age of six I was reading from the Blue Ribbon Cook Book, telling my mom what to put in – we baked a lot,” says Letendre.

“I still have that cook book.”

This is Letendre's second go at a baking competition. Two years ago, she was chosen to compete on the Food Network US - Holiday Baking Championship in Los Angeles.

The episode At Home with Santa can be found on STACKTV with Amazon Prime video channels, or with the Global TV app.

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