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Bear carcass found in Tappen after being shot, burned

Bear shot, burned

BC Conservation is currently investigating an incident where a bear carcass was found shot and burned in the Skimikin pit in Tappen on April 17. The carcass was found and reported by Shandy Sim, who stumbled across the dead bear while on an evening drive with her brother.

"I have never really seen a bear before, and to see one like this was absolutely disgusting," she says. "The blood still looked fresh, I couldn't believe it."

The bear most likely was not killed in that area, since the Skimikin pit is known to be a popular dump site of animal carcasses in the past. Conservation is looking into the matter, and while they say the bear may have been legally taken, it is still deemed suspicious.

"Some people have problem bears on their property, plus there is a bear season on right now," says conservation officer Michael Richardson. "But this incident was not reported, which is illegal."

The bear was shot and died before the burning of the carcass occurred, so the animal did not suffer. Conservation says the burning of an a carcass post-mortem is rather unusual.

"The burning may not have been done by the person who shot the bear," says Richardson. "It could have been some kids getting their kicks, or any other kind of possibility like that."

Richardson says there are no suspects at this point, but this still remains an active investigation.

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