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The Oscar-worthy movies aren't quite out yet, but I did find a few that peaked my interest. If you like football and real stories, When the Game Stands Tall was my favourite this week. 

When the Game Stands Tall

Even though I wouldn't consider myself a football fan, this story had enough heart in it to keep me interested. Because it was based on a true story, I was so much more invested in the characters, their stories, and their lives. With a fun soundtrack, my only complaint was that it was very similar to all the other 'true sports stories" movies.

My Rating: 28/34

Reminded me of: Remember the Titans, Facing the Giants, Million Dollar Arm

Magic in the Moonlight

Colin Firth is, without a doubt, the best part of this movie (sorry, Emma Stone). It's a typical Woody Allen script - controversial and does more than just dabble in existentialism, faith, and other deep topics. However, the cinematography was fantastic and may tempt you to buy a one-way plane ticket to France.

My Rating: 25/34

Reminded me of: Midnight in Paris, Importance of Being Earnest, The Prestige

Be on the lookout for: 
The Box Trolls (September): From the makers of ParaNorman, I'm looking forward to this quirky stop-animation movie. Check out the trailer and behind-the-scenes fun here.
The Maze Runner (September): With rumour of a sequel already in the works, this book-to-movie adaptation should be a heart-pounding, action-filled mystery. You can see the trailer here.
The Judge (October): Because we're always looking forward to Robert Downey Jr.'s next new movie. 
Gone Girl (October): From the best-seller list, it's a mystery/thriller. And Ben Affleck haters can just leave, because this trailer gives me the chills. 
See you at the movies!

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