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Reel Quick Movie Reviews: January 21

If you're planning on a fun night out at the movies this week, these short reviews might give you an idea of what to expect from the newest releases. Don't worry, there are no spoilers!

Lone Survivor

You know you're watching a war movie when:

  • Anytime a scene starts getting even a bit sentimental, something explodes to break it up.
  • You start to feel sorry for the stunt doubles and wonder where they got so much fake blood.
  • The only thing that outnumbers the f-bombs are the bullets used.

But seriously, this undoubtedly "guy movie" had an incredible true story that gives you more respect for those who serve. Not for the weak stomachs or squeamish because this war movie is 70% shooting with a lot of gore.

My rating: 26/34

Reminded me of: The Kingdom, The Hurt Locker, Saving Private Ryan, Captain Phillips and Les Misérables (without the singing).



I hoped that Her would be the perfect movie for anyone who spends more time on their iPhone than with the people around them. It didn't quite reach the potential I was expecting, and though the acting was great, it was a slow-paced flick that seemed to drag on. I liked the unique and intriguing plot, but be prepared for some really awkward sex scenes with "Artificial Intelligence".

My rating: 26/34

Reminded me of: Moon, Where the Wild Things Are, with a twist of Stranger than Fiction.


Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

This movie won't get an award for "Most Original Protagonist Name for an Action Movie", but if you're in the mood for it, this newest action flick has every stereotypical scene you've ever seen in a spy movie. It promises code names, ticking bombs, dark sunglasses, whispering into the jacket collar, and brush passes with some high speed chases. It wasn't the same quality as the Bourne series and had its fair share of cheesy parts, but overall, Jack Ryan had a few twists and wasn't all bad.

My rating: 24/34

Reminded me of: Salt, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Bourne Legacy, Red.

See you at the movies!

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