What kind of cards do you give?

Take heart, holiday procrastinators: Famed poet Robert Frost once waited until July to get his Christmas cards in the mail.

Unlike the flimsy, forgettable cards of today, however, Frost's cards arguably were worth the wait. For the past 28 years of his life, he teamed up with a boutique printer to send beautifully illustrated booklets featuring a different poem for each year.

In 1929, Joseph Blumenthal of the New York-based Spiral Press, who was setting type for one of Frost's poetry collections, decided the poem "Christmas Trees" would make an attractive greeting card. With permission from Frost's publisher, he printed 275 copies, one of which eventually made its way to Frost. The poet liked it so much, he decided to collaborate with Blumenthal on cards starting in 1934. The resulting series lasted until 1962, the year before his death.

That was then, this is now.

The price of some of these specialty cards is $12. Yes, tunes play when you open them up, but for $12 they better be able to sing and dance. They cost as much as some gifts and that seems to take away from the greeting itself. 

On holidays and special occasions what kind of cards do you use? Do you make them yourself and print them off at home or do you buck up? Maybe you find a funny one online and send an E-card. Take our poll and let us know.

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