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Poll: Question of happiness

The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association has launched a survey on community wellbeing in conjunction with the International Day of Happiness.

The goal is to measure how happy and healthy B.C. residents are feeling in order to strengthen the relationship between the tourism industry and them.

The survey is being conducted in collaboration with the British Columbia Regional Tourism Secretariat and Planet Happiness, a tourism-focused arm of the Happiness Alliance non-profit.Click here to take the survey now.

TOTA is hoping to gain insight on what makes this province an exceptional place to live as well as what brings residents satisfaction and contentment. The survey contains questions about mental health, lifestyle, hobbies, feelings toward tourism, and daily activities.

The survey is a state-of-the-art, scientifically-valid tool created by the Happiness Alliance, based on the country of Bhutan's pioneering approach as they try to determine a population’s “Gross National Happiness.”

Once the data is analyzed, it will be used to talk about tourism and destination well-being, and how this relationship can be strengthened within B.C.

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