Poll: Is speeding a dangerous problem on B.C. roads?

Poll: Speeding drivers

Many British Columbians who drive for work believe crashes can’t be avoided, while few believe speeding is dangerous, a new survey has found.

A survey conducted by Road Safety at Work has found around 84 per cent of people who drive as part of their job believe crashes can’t be avoided, while only 14 per cent believe speeding is dangerous.

“Learning the facts can help prevent injuries and even save their lives,” says spokesperson Louise Yako.

“Most motor vehicle crashes are preventable. Careful planning, training, proper vehicle maintenance and other proactive measures can reduce the risk and save lives.”

The WorkSafeBC initiative aimed at eliminating work-related crashes says they are the “leading cause of traumatic workplace deaths in B.C.”

Yako notes speed limits are “set for optimal driving conditions,” and it may be safer to drive slower when the weather is poor or when driving an unfamiliar vehicle or new route.

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