Do you support a universal basic income in BC?

Poll: universal basic income

A government-commissioned panel is recommending against the introduction of a basic income for all in British Columbia.

The panel's report, co-authored by academics at the University of B.C., Simon Fraser University and the University of Calgary, says a basic income is not the cure-all that some advocates believe.

The authors say a more successful strategy would be to reform current policies and programs as well as provide a targeted basic income for youth aging out of care and those with disabilities.

The panel's 500-page report says it believes a basic income pilot project would not provide useful information and raises ethical concerns.

The report makes 65 recommendations ranging from extended health supplements to adjusting tax system-delivered benefits, such as aiming B.C.'s child opportunity benefit more directly toward families with children living in poverty.

The B.C. government commissioned the panel in July 2018 to examine the issue as part of the New Democrat's minority government confidence and supply agreement with B.C.'s Green party.

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