Have you ever had groceries delivered to your home?

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Costco has joined a long list of grocery retailers in offering same-day delivery service across Canada.

The wholesale chain made the announcement Friday following a "successful two-month pilot in select Ontario warehouses."

In a joint news release, Costco says it has partnered with Instacart to provide the delivery service.

Consumers will be able to shop for the complete line of Costco products with, or without a Costco membership.

However, a members-only website has also been launched, featuring membership benefits.

"Grocery delivery has become essential for millions, and we're proud to make same-day delivery from Costco available to even more Canadians. Now, through the Instacart marketplace and Costco's new member website, families across Canada can get the groceries and goods they need, delivered to their door in a matter of hours," said Andrew Nodes, Instacart VP of retail.

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