Poll: best part of Christmas?

Kelowna resident Rob Bentien has shared a cool Christmas video of his massive Christmas village.

The miniature village fills a whole room and takes three full days to set up.

Bentien says he's been adding to it for years.

He says he started collecting buildings in 2007, "to compete with my brother."

"We now have over 80 buildings and hundreds of people. I also started building it for my kids, who are now 11 and nine. They are now a part of the building process.

"Every year, we change the layout and have an open house to invite friends and family over. We find it brings a lot of Christmas spirit to our house each year."
The multi-level feast for the eyes includes a carnival, classic Christmas scenes, a train, football game, curling, and much more.

All that Christmas imagery got us to wondering – what's your favourite part of the holidays?

Merry Christmas to all, from everyone at Castanet!

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