Affected by strike?

Apr 29, 2004 / 4:51 pm

A local HEU rep says he can""t guarantee there won""t be another scene like there was on Thursday when essential service workers at KGH walked off the job and...

Is It A Veiled Threat?

Apr 28, 2004 / 5:03 pm

An Okanagan representative for the HEU is reiterating that striking health care workers will not return to work if the government orders them to. BC""s Deputy...

Have You Volunteered Lately?

Apr 27, 2004 / 2:44 pm

A new Ipsos-Reid poll released today shows that 65% of British Columbians have volunteered in the past year, and 84% have volunteered at least some point in...

Poll: Legislate Workers?

Apr 26, 2004 / 4:47 pm

Striking health care workers are vowing to disobey back to work legislation. Thousands of HEU members walked off the job over the weekend and local union rep...

Mulroney Endorses Harper

Apr 25, 2004 / 7:51 am

Former Tory prime minister Brian Mulroney has given his first speech to the new Conservative Party. In a 45-minute speech delivered in Moncton yesterday,...

Does Ogopogo Exist?

Apr 23, 2004 / 3:35 pm

A senior Fisheries biologist is debunking the theory that Ogopogo is really a sturgeon. "We""ve only got the anecdotal reports of a sturgeon in the lake," says...

Support HEU Strike Action?

Apr 22, 2004 / 10:57 am

Hospital workers across the province could soon be on strike. Mediated talks recently broke down and a spokesperson for the Hospital Employees Union in Kelowna...

Poll: Who Will Past The Test?

Apr 20, 2004 / 4:47 pm

The showdown between the Hells Angels and Kelowna""s top cop is heating up again. RCMP Superintendent Don Harrison and Rick Ciarniello have challenged each...

Will Killing Chickens Work?

Apr 19, 2004 / 5:07 pm

The number of commercial poultry farms infected with the avian flu in B.C. has grown to 31. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says the newest sites are...

75% Support Organ Donation

Apr 18, 2004 / 3:28 pm

Nearly seventy-five per cent of Canadians planned to donate at least one organ upon dying, a new opinion poll suggests. Thirty-nine per cent of respondents in...

Israel Assassinates Rantisi

Apr 17, 2004 / 3:00 pm

Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi was killed in an Israeli air strike Saturday, along with his son and a bodyguard. Five pedestrians were wounded in the strike,...

Poll: Charge Svend?

Apr 16, 2004 / 3:16 pm

New Democrat MP Svend Robinson has announced he is taking a medical leave and will not be a candidate in his riding after he admitted to stealing a ring from an...

Poll: Selling Petro Can

Apr 15, 2004 / 2:37 pm

According to a new Ipsos-Reid survey conducted on behalf of the Council of Canadians, three quarters of Canadians (73%) agree with the statement “The Canadian...

Poll: Staying In Afghanistan

Apr 14, 2004 / 4:23 pm

Canada will keep a reduced presence of almost 600 soldiers in Afghanistan until the late summer of 2005, Prime Minister Paul Martin said Wednesday. A 600-member...

Poll: Support Seal Hunt

Apr 13, 2004 / 2:41 pm

The largest seal hunt in Canadian history is under way off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador -- sparking outrage from animal rights"" group across the...

Poll: Non-Docs Testing Eyes

Apr 12, 2004 / 1:17 pm

After three months of consultation, the B.C. government is going ahead with its plan to allow non-doctors to test eyes. It would make the province the only...

Poll: Owl Fine

Apr 11, 2004 / 5:52 am

Thanks to Castanet reader N.M. who suggested today""s poll. She writes: I would love to know how many people think that the farmer""s "punishment" was too...

Poll: Sending Troops To Iraq

Apr 8, 2004 / 3:50 pm

Canada""s Armed Forces are stretched too thin to take on a security mission in Iraq, Prime Minister Paul Martin says. The Washington Post said Thursday that the...

Letter: No Rights For Cons

Apr 8, 2004 / 2:00 pm

Are you really surprised that cons can vote? This is a not a world where the good are protected - only the evil. These "non-humans" should have no rights what...

Poll: Who Should Pay Bill?

Apr 7, 2004 / 4:59 pm

Now that the true story about the "Bush Boys of Vernon" has come out, people are beginning to wonder who is going to pay for them? Kyle Horn and his younger...