Poll: Can Harper Do It?

Mar 22, 2004 / 5:05 pm

In his first address to the Conservative caucus since winning the party""s leadership race on Saturday, Stephen Harper appointed Peter MacKay the new deputy...

Poll: Moving to BC

Mar 22, 2004 / 6:13 am

According the BC Liberals, B.C. finished 2003 with a net inflow of nearly 2,100 people from other provinces, the first time in six years that more people are...

Poll: Greenway Route

Mar 21, 2004 / 7:45 am

A Kelowna couple at the centre of a dispute over a parcel of land on the Mission Creek Greenway says she and her husband might look like the bad guys in the...

Poll: Iraq War

Mar 20, 2004 / 7:50 am

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of a U.S. led attack on Iraq to overthrow the government of Saddam Hussein, what many are calling Gulf War II....

Poll: Tory Leader

Mar 19, 2004 / 6:51 am

Canada""s new Conservative Party will present its newly elected leader tomorrow. In the race are former Alliance Leader Stephen Harper, auto-parts executive...

Poll:Ban NHL Fights?

Mar 18, 2004 / 7:18 am

Whether you agree with violence or not, a hockey fight seems to get a crowd going. However, top players in the NHL rarely get into fights. Paul Kariya, Joe...

Poll:UBC Good Manager?

Mar 16, 2004 / 3:10 pm

It’s not quite official yet, but at 10:30 am press conference at the Grand tomorrow it will be – UBC is taking over the North Campus of UBC. On one hand,...

Poll: Do We Need A GG?

Mar 15, 2004 / 8:04 am

Thanks to Castanet Reader S. Murray for this poll suggestion. Canada is a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy. This means we recognize The...

Poll: Spring Break

Mar 14, 2004 / 8:00 am

This year marks the inaugural two week long spring break for Kelowna students. Penticton students also have a two week break while Vernon students remain on a...

Poll: GG Security vs. Finance

Mar 13, 2004 / 6:00 am

Yesterday is was revealed that Governor General Adrienne Clarkson and her husband routinely use government aircraft to fly from Ottawa to their summer cottage...

Welcome to the new Castanet!

Mar 12, 2004 / 6:41 am

Over the past 6 months, since the Okanagan Mountain Park Fire, we have been reflecting on our day to day news coverage and your comments on our coverage during...

Save Bridge Finance Money?

Mar 11, 2004 / 7:37 pm

Councilor Ron Cannon says the Municipal Finance Authority told him it would cost $16 million more for a private company to finance the new Okanagan Lake...

What should happen to Bertuzzi?

Mar 10, 2004 / 9:35 am

Vancouver police and the NHL are investigating the violent attack by Vancouver Canucks forward Todd Bertuzzi on Colorado Avalanche rookie Steve Moore that put...

Beef Price Gouging?

Mar 9, 2004 / 7:08 pm

For weeks, the Opposition Alberta NDP have alleged that Alberta meat packers may be receiving the benefits of aid packages designed for cattle farmers,...

Pesticide Notification Registry

Mar 8, 2004 / 6:05 am

The City of Kelowna is establishing a Pesticide Notification Registry for residential property owners who wish to be informed when commercial spray operations...

Workplace Absence Excuses

Mar 5, 2004 / 1:09 pm

People never seem to run out of creative reasons for being out of the office, a new survey shows. Executives were asked to describe the most imaginative...