Poll: Referendum On Gay Marriages

Dec 9, 2004 / 5:08 pm

Groups opposed to same-sex marriage reacted swiftly to Thursday""s Supreme Court opinion that Ottawa can legalize gay marriage, with one group saying the...

Poll: Cat Control Bylaw

Dec 8, 2004 / 1:06 pm

Informal talks are under way to address the issue of Kelowna""s booming cat population. The SPCA and local animal groups recently sat down to throw around some...

Poll: False Alarm By-Law

Dec 7, 2004 / 4:52 pm

Kelowna city council is looking at a new bylaw Monday afternoon that could silence false alarms. There are an estimated seven thousand false alarms annually in...

Poll: Cameras In Courtrooms

Dec 6, 2004 / 4:37 pm

Seven Vancouver TV stations have applied to televise Vancouver Canucks"" Todd Bertuzzi assault trial against Steve Moore of the Colorado Avalanche. Generally,...

Poll: Airport Security

Dec 5, 2004 / 11:38 am

Federal Transport Minister Jean Lapierre says he wants a report on his desk Monday morning explaining how security uniforms and badges disappeared from airports...

Poll: Work Too Much?

Dec 4, 2004 / 12:05 pm

The Work Less Party of British Columbia says we all work too much. The upstart party is planning to run ten candidates in next May""s Provincial Election with a...

Poll: Join Missile Shield?

Dec 1, 2004 / 2:38 pm

U.S. President George W. Bush caught Canadian officials off guard on Wednesday in calling openly for joint action on a continental missile defense shield. Bush...

Poll: Panic Attacks

Nov 30, 2004 / 4:46 pm

Nearly one million adult Canadians have suffered some form of panic attack during their lives, a new study has found. Based on data collected for the "2002...

Poll: Running For Higher Office

Nov 29, 2004 / 7:00 am

Sixty-five year old Kelowna City Councilor Al Horning, now BC Liberal candidate in Kelowna-Lake Country, says he will let council decide if he is going to serve...

Rate Hike Justified?

Nov 27, 2004 / 11:41 am

The company that supplies electricity to most of the Okanagan wants to raise its rates by 4.4%. Fortis BC says it will spend $120 million on electrical system...

Poll: Pension Benefits For Gays

Nov 26, 2004 / 4:18 pm

Gays and lesbians in Ontario are entitled to survivor""s benefits under the Canada Pension Plan dating back to 1985, Ontario""s Court of Appeal ruled on Friday....

Poll: Do You Smoke Pot?

Nov 25, 2004 / 10:21 am

A major new study suggests marijuana use in Canada has doubled over the last decade. The Canadian Addiction Survey reports that 14 per cent of respondents used...

Poll: Which Road Option?

Nov 22, 2004 / 7:45 am

The final of two Roads Task Force open houses goes again today from 3-8 at the Grand. The open house is a showcase of the six options the task force has come up...

Satisfied With Liberals?

Nov 21, 2004 / 1:28 pm

The governing federal Liberals recently had the support of 40 per cent of Canadians, a shade above the popular vote they scored in last June""s election,...

Poll: Parrish Out Of Line?

Nov 20, 2004 / 12:41 pm

Carolyn Parrish says she deserved to be fired for criticizing Prime Minister Paul Martin and his inner circle, but doesn""t regret her ouster from the Liberal...

Poll: Should BC Pay For Autism

Nov 19, 2004 / 3:07 pm

Canada""s highest court ruled Friday that it""s up to the British Columbia government to decide whether to pay for costly early treatment for children with...

Poll: Move Drop In Centre

Nov 17, 2004 / 4:54 pm

The person in charge of Kelowna""s Drop-In-Centre says she""s not going anywhere. There""s a petition being circulated to local businesses demanding Kelowna...

Poll: Losing Your Job

Nov 16, 2004 / 4:40 pm

Twenty-eight percent of Canadians say there is a chance they could lose their job in the coming year, a significant drop in worker confidence from six months...

Poll: Road Rage

Nov 15, 2004 / 5:25 pm

More than 10 percent of drivers admit they have intentionally cut off other drivers or have wanted to force them off the road during the past year, according to...

Poll: Lions or Argonauts?

Nov 15, 2004 / 7:00 am

It""s the BC Lions and Toronto Argonauts in this Sunday""s Grey Cup. BC beat Saskatchewan 27-25 in the west semi-final. BC Lions kicker Duncan O""Mahony""s...