Poll: Pay For Websites?

Aug 14, 2004 / 12:59 pm

Over the past 12 months there has been an increasing trend in the Internet content business: pay up or you won""t get it. Globefund.com, the popular mutual find...

How Many Gold For Canada?

Aug 13, 2004 / 4:26 pm

How well will we do in Athens? According to a PriceWaterhouseCoopers report, Canada will claim 15 gold medals, placing us 19th in the medal standings. The...

Poll: Fearing For Your Animals?

Aug 12, 2004 / 5:22 pm

A third mutilated cat’s body has been found. It was found Wednesday night by a resident on Theodora Road in Rutland. The resident says the cat""s remains were...

Poll: Ban Taser Guns?

Aug 10, 2004 / 5:02 pm

The country""s police chiefs have launched a review of all information on the use of Taser guns in the wake of two recent deadly incidents involving the...

Ever Seen A UFO?

Aug 9, 2004 / 4:26 pm

UFO sightings across the country may reach record highs this year, says a group that tracks reports of unidentified flying objects. Canadians reported 400...

Poll: Kelowna""s Rate Of Growth

Aug 8, 2004 / 5:35 pm

This weekend we""re posting some poll questions suggested to us by Castanet readers. This one comes from Mick Webb who suggests the following: "Do you feel...

Poll: Downtown The Heart?

Aug 7, 2004 / 5:49 pm

This weekend we""re posting some poll questions suggested to us by Castanet readers. This one comes from Cherie Hanson who suggests the following: "Most...

Poll: Safe Inhalation Rooms

Aug 6, 2004 / 4:38 pm

Activists in Vancouver""s Downtown Eastside want a "safe inhalation room" for people who smoke crack cocaine, building on the success of Canada""s first safe...

Poll: Giving Pedophiles A Second Chance

Aug 5, 2004 / 4:43 pm

One of Canada""s most notorious pedophiles has struck out again with the National Parole Board. Karl Toft is serving a 13-year sentence for assaulting 18 boys...

Fining Children""s Parents

Aug 3, 2004 / 4:53 pm

A small town in Quebec that lost a legal battle to impose a nightly curfew on children 16 and under has adopted a bylaw that would fine parents who don""t...

Downtown Megaproject At APC

Aug 3, 2004 / 5:30 am

The city""s advisory planning commission (APC) sits down tonight at 7 pm to look at a proposal that would drastically change Kelowna""s waterfront. It’s...

Poll: Going Out Of Town?

Jul 30, 2004 / 5:00 pm

Finally, it""s the big long BC Day holiday long weekend. Three days of no work and all play. If traffic on Highway 97 is any indication, it will be a busy...

Poll: Will Bear Fence Work

Jul 29, 2004 / 4:17 pm

People living in Lake Louise are debating a controversial proposal from Parks Canada that could result in an electrical fence built around their community....

Slot Machines In Bingo Halls

Jul 28, 2004 / 4:47 pm

Slot machines are about to start showing up in B.C. bingo halls – which will then be labelled "community gaming facilities." The first slots will be up and...

Does Restorative Justice Work?

Jul 27, 2004 / 4:17 pm

The provincial government has committed $425,000 to 77 community justice programs – modelled on First Nations healing circles. The new initiative would allow...

Do You Use Sunscreen?

Jul 26, 2004 / 4:33 pm

Canadians are being led into a false sense of security when they slather on sunscreen, some experts say, because the labels on sunscreens aren""t warning us of...

Poll: MSP Privacy Concerns?

Jul 25, 2004 / 11:43 am

The provincial government has announced plans to counteract the impact the U.S. Patriot Act may have on our privacy. Geoff Plant, B.C.""s attorney general, says...

Helicopters Under Fire

Jul 24, 2004 / 7:22 pm

The 28 American-made military helicopters the federal government intends to purchase for $5-billion are causing some controversy. 1. Some are saying they should...

Care If Expos Leave Canada?

Jul 23, 2004 / 3:41 pm

The Expos long exodus from Montreal might finally be reaching the end. According to reports, the players have been told that the team will definitely be leaving...

Poll: Ever Tried Drugs?

Jul 22, 2004 / 3:20 pm

B.C. has the highest rates of illicit drug use in the country, with more than 500,000 of the province""s 4.1 million residents admitting they use marijuana and...