Wear a Ski Helmet?

Feb 6, 2005 / 1:26 pm

Ski helmets may increase the risk of neck injury, especially for children, according to the analysis of accident reports on ski hills in Quebec. The study, by...

Price Hike For Health?

Feb 5, 2005 / 11:16 am

Alcohol causes almost as many deaths and disabilities worldwide as smoking or high-blood pressure, a study warns. In this week""s issue of the British medical...

Fame=No Jail Time?

Feb 4, 2005 / 3:00 pm

National Hockey League forward Dany Heatley on Friday pleaded guilty to four of six charges in the vehicular homicide case against him and was sentenced to...

Same Sex Referendum

Feb 3, 2005 / 9:40 am

Justice Minister Irwin Cotler says there will be no national referendum on same-sex marriage. Cotler says if a referendum had been held to decide whether women...

Busts Making A Difference?

Feb 2, 2005 / 3:00 pm

Another drug bust took place when police descended on Leon Avenue Wednesday. The crackdown resulted in 10 arrests being made – all cocaine-related. Eight...

More Dollars To Growers?

Jan 31, 2005 / 3:00 pm

More than 5.5 million dollars has been allocated for two programs to benefit BC fruit growers. B C Agriculture Minister John van Dongen made the announcements...

Will Iraq Violence Stop?

Jan 30, 2005 / 1:04 pm

Iraqis voted Sunday in their country""s first free election in a half-century, as insurgents made good on threats of violence with a suicide bombing at a...

School System Suffering?

Jan 29, 2005 / 12:23 pm

It was a so-called Black Friday for the Central Okanagan Teachers Association and most wore black clothing to mark the day. In a news release issued late Friday...

Looking Into Privacy

Jan 28, 2005 / 3:00 pm

The Supreme Court has overturned the indecency conviction of a B.C. man spotted masturbating near a window in his own home. The Court""s decision on Thursday is...

Who""s To Blame?

Jan 26, 2005 / 2:00 pm

Roughly two dozen angry downtown business owners paid an unscheduled visit to Kelowna Mayor Walter Gray Tuesday to voice their displeasure with how the city is...

Should KSS Be Saved?

Jan 24, 2005 / 2:00 pm

Last week the former KSS site received a blow by vandals. The gas valve was shut off, freezing the sprinkler system and bursting large pipes. Extensive water...

Clean Space=Best Work

Jan 23, 2005 / 12:37 pm

A survey suggests the state of your workspace may offer insight into your income, gender, age and educational level. Only 11 per cent of people with incomes...

More Powerful Taser

Jan 22, 2005 / 12:37 pm

Taser International Inc. has changed how one of its stun-gun models delivers its electric charge after some police officers said some suspects had been able to...

Giving Away Heroin

Jan 20, 2005 / 12:10 pm

A new clinic is set to open in Vancouver""s Downtown Eastside that will dispense free heroin to 470 addicts – a move aimed at improving the health of addicts...

Worth Your Vote?

Jan 18, 2005 / 5:30 pm

Okanagan-Westside incumbent MLA Rick Thorpe wants to be re-elected, and though he’s had health troubles in the past, he doesn’t think they’ll present a...

Bridge Prep Bothersome?

Jan 17, 2005 / 3:00 pm

Monday’s City Council meeting will look at approving preloading for the new bridge. Trucks will haul fill into city park until June in preparation for bridge...

Poll: Time Off Work?

Jan 16, 2005 / 12:29 pm

The workplace tug-of-war between time and money has raged for years. An employee survey suggests money may be starting to lose ground. Nearly 40 per cent of...

Poll: Poor Timing

Jan 15, 2005 / 12:11 pm

Thailand""s Princess is in British Columbia for what embassy officials say is private business. The princess is reportedly here to inspect repairs at a home she...

Poll: Police Honesty Tests?

Jan 14, 2005 / 4:00 pm

A suggestion by a poor-people""s watchdog group to subject Vancouver city police to random "integrity testing" may have a superficial appeal to those who...

Poll: Mass Cattle Cull?

Jan 13, 2005 / 4:25 pm

Canada doesn""t need a mass slaughter of older cattle such as Britain carried out during that country""s mad cow crisis, Alberta Premier Ralph Klein says....