Chem trails?

A group of concerned Kelowna citizens met on the pedestrian overpass by Orchard Park mall in protest of what they call geo-engineering Saturday.

Geo-engineering or "chem trails" is the idea that foreign or local governments are using planes to spray chemicals including aluminum and barium over cities. 

The group said that regular exhaust trails left by airplanes quickly dissipate. Chem trails hang in the sky for a longer time and according to organizers, form patterns and blanket the area. 

They say the Canadian government is allowing this to happen.

Saturday afternoon's protest was planned to coincide with a global movement. Kelowna's protest brought out about 30 concerned residents who carried signs to raise awareness of what they say is a malicious practice, under blue skies. 

"Today the sky is clear - if these are normal exhaust trails, where are they today?" said organizer Candace Kendall.

"It's not normal, they filter out over time, they blot out our blue skies. We have global dimming, less sunlight, it's affecting our vegetation, it's affecting our ability to grow food, they're changing the planet," she said. 

"People have to educate themselves because the mainstream media is not doing it."

So what do you think? Is there a health risk associated with "chem trails?" Or is it merely the exhaust of airplanes?


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