Penticton car dealership donates $5K to local children's causes

$5K for children's charities

Penticton's Bannister Automotive Group was recently pleased to present $5,000 to two local charities helping out kids in need.

They presented a $2.500 cheque each to the South Okanagan Children's Charity andthe Penticton Breakfast Club/Feedway Foundation.

"Year after year, we strive to be active participants in our community's well-being. Whether through financial contributions, dedicating our team's time, or leveraging our business resources, we aim to support events and charities that align with our values," said Bannister partner and general manager Julian Smallbone.

"This yearly tradition not only strengthens the culture within our stores but also allows us to play a role in uplifting our community. Through these collective efforts, we hope to make a meaningful impact on the lives of the children who need it most."

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