Keremeos community raising funds for local woman who is always first to lend helping hand

Funds for community hero

A Keremeos small business owner who is always the first to step up to help neighbours through hard times is now in need herself, and the community is stepping up in turn.

Kirsten Steele is the owner and operator of Steele Bistro, and is described as hard-working and always community-minded. But her young family has recently his a stint of heartbreak.

Steele's father-in-law is in hospital in the Lower Mainland following a car crash, requiring the family to frequently travel to him to ensure his care, given that he only speaks Spanish.

Her grandfather has been diagnosed with cancer and, in another blow, her beloved family dog was hit by a car in front of her children.

Asking for help is not in Steele's nature, according to her friends, so they are doing it for her.

Laurie Lion spoke to Castanet about Steele's situation, calling her friend "an amazing human being."

"Since she opened [her business], she has done numerous fundraisers for victims of fire, firefighters and people who lost their homes. And she does all kinds of community events, she's always the first person to reach out," Lion said.

"She cares a lot. Always been the one asking, what can I do?"

Lion said a mutual friend put together a GoFundMe page to help support Steele and her children at this difficult time.

"She didn't ask for any of this, we are just doing it because we love her."

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