Summerland rescue searching for forever home for a loyal and loving German shepherd

Active, loving pup to adopt

Casey Richardson

If you're looking for a pup to play any type of ball with, a Summerland animal rescue has the German shepherd for you.

Critteraid Animal Sanctuary is looking for a home for two-and-a-half year old Cooper. Weighing in at roughly 100 pounds, this big boy has lots of love to give.

Critteraid Dog House Director Arlene Dunstan-Adams said with consistent exercise and a well balanced diet, he will most likely lose a little bit of weight.

"Overall though, this big boy is going to need an active forever home that can keep up with him," she added.

"If you have ever or even do now play baseball or softball or any kind of sport with a ball, Cooper is going to be your best friend. This dog is ball-obsessed and the ball is his whole wide world."

Dunstan-Adams said Cooper has shown his foster family that he is both crate-trained and house-trained. Once all of his energy is burned up from playing fetch and going for long walks, Cooper has shown that he can focus really well.

While Cooper has several commands down pat already, such as sit, lie down and come, he will need his new home to continue with his training to help him focus when there are distractions around.

"Cooper is currently suffering from severe anxiety as it's stressful when life changes and you have no control over it. As foster parents are keeping him company and helping him steady himself on his new path to a forever home, he will need patience when he goes into his forever home."

He will need a home with a secure fenced in yard. Cooper would do well in a home with teenagers, but he's too big and rowdy for small children.

"At this time, we are unsure if Cooper will be able to live with other animals, as he has shown both calm interest but also too bold an interest in both dogs and cats, depending on the situation," Dunstan-Adams said.

If you have the energy and lifestyle to keep up with Cooper, and are looking for a loyal and loving companion, head to the Critteraid website to fill out an adoption application.

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