Summerland care facility gets kitten as a Christmas present for their 50 long-term residents

Kitten joins nursing home

A Summerland extended care facility got a bit more cozy for the holiday season this year, thanks to staff welcoming in a cuddly Ragdoll kitten as a present for all their residents to enjoy.

Brandi Griffiths, program coordinator at Dr. Andrew Pavilion, said that staff welcomed in their youngest resident ever on Nov. 1, with nine-week-old kitten Lacey Andrew moving in.

Deciding that the 50 long-term care residents would be tickled with a pet for a Christmas present in their home, manager Judi Francis and staff decided to purchase a kitten.

Griffiths said there was a bit of research was involved to find the "puurfect fit."

“We decided to purchase a Ragdoll because of their common and charming characteristics,” she added. “They are known to be affectionate, patient, and willing to play often without using their claws.”

All staff, families, and Pavilion residents were excited and supportive of the idea.

Since there is currently no program in place for adopting pets for care homes, Griffiths said the recreation staff were directly involved in connecting with a local breeder in Kelowna.

Griffiths said Lacey is kept in a safe and secure environment, with recreation staff responsible for ensuring that she has all of the pet food, toys, treats and care she needs. She is also provided with regular vet check-ups.

So far, the kitten's favourite places to be include the common areas, the hallways, and curled up on residents' beds for a snooze.

“Lacey Andrew has been a wonderful addition, and she is adjusting to her new home quite well,” Griffiths added. “She has become an important part of the community, bringing joy to everyone she meets. Her presence has been a great source of comfort and companionship. Everyone is happy to welcome Lacey to the family.”

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