Zellers department store making comeback in Penticton

Zellers comeback in town

Get ready for a throwback, Penticton — a pop-up Zellers is coming to town.

The iconic Canadian brand that vanished from malls in recent decades has announced a comeback through the Hudson's Bay Company, planning trial periods in various stores around the nation.

Chris Adams, general manager of The Bay in Penticton, confirmed their store would be one of those hosting the Zellers pilot project, starting as soon as the end of this month.

"It's going to be set up in 2,000 feet in our store, it's going to be mainly home, like bed and bath, a little bit of clothing, that sort of thing," Adams said.

"We're very excited!"

They are aiming for July 28 to launch the pilot. The hope is that the experiment draws interest, and the Zellers portion of The Bay remains a permanent fixture.

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