Two Penticton public facilities offering free period products

Free period products for all

Free period products are now available at the Penticton Community Centre and the Penticton Library.

“Most people with periods have experienced the ‘oh no, I don’t have something with me’ and having a free dispenser means that they can discreetly make themselves more comfortable,” said public services librarian Stephanie James in a press release announcing the news Thursday.

“We’re very happy to partner with the community centre to help make period products freely accessible for everyone who needs them. They are a necessity for health and wellness – and just being able to participate in daily life.”

The dispensers are now available in both the women’s and men’s washrooms at the Penticton Library and Museum complex.

At the community centre, the dispensers can be found in the accessible washroom and the universal pool changeroom.

“This is a simple way to show our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion,” said Kelsey Johnson, the city’s manager of recreation, arts and culture.

“It’s a small step to take but one that can make a difference to address period poverty and help end the stigma around menstruating.”

The products are free for anyone who needs them.

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